All About Us

Wow! 2016 is a distant memory, and I'm just getting around to updating my pages! Guess I'm slowing down! The older I get, the faster the years seem to fly past! We have all experienced things we thought were unimaginable, in the "Big World" and in our personal lives, and hopefully we are through the worst of it. Here at home, Ray and I are very fortunate to still have our jobs, although we have had to cut back on some of life's "unnecessary perks" over the past year or so, but sometimes life seems to be so overcrowded with "stuff" that it is probably a good idea to go out there and "clean house" every once in a while anyway! It is our prayer that those of our friends, family and clients who have been affected by the less than wonderful economy are beginning to see the turnaround, and that 2016 will bring them more stability and hope for their future.

Once again, I humbly would like to say "THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH" for your continued support of my business for the past dozen or more years! Thinking back to those early days, learning how to develop and print rolls of film, working out of a room not much bigger than a closet, I'm not sure if I ever dreamed things would work out as well as they have with making my passion into a full time career. God is Good! All the time! Like I said, there is no way I could have done it without all of you, my loyal friends, clients and associates. There is so much more that goes into the photos than "just clicking the button", and it helps to have a support group to help along the way and to pitch in when the going gets tough. We've said it before and it still rings true, there is no better way of advertising for me than the many referrals and contacts our clients send to us on a daily basis.

This year we have decided to discontinue offering photography services for weddings, focusing our attention more on preschoolers, sports leagues, high school seniors, families and small children, to align more with our family and work schedules.

It's great to see some of "Our" newlyweds from years past now becoming parents! Congratulations to all of our couples, married or engaged, and please accept our best wishes for many blessings in the coming years. We are always striving to come up with new ideas and scouring stores and magazines to find new props and searching new locations for photos, so it will always be a fresh experience, every time someone comes to us for photos. As always,rest assured that we will continue to provide the quickest turn around time on proofs and enlargements, the best pricing and quality photography that you have come to appreciate.

Thanks for checking out our website and we hope that you took a few moments to pull up some of the galleries and to look at some of the sample photos found out there.

We hope that 2016 and into 2017 (it'll be here sooner than we think) will be wonderful years for you all, that will bring you happiness and joy with each new experience! God Bless you and your family, and we hope to see you soon!

Karen and Ray